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Low cost hydrogen energy. Renewable energy. Stop global warming. Hydrogen on demand. Phusionh2.

Clean energy today

It is energy which has underpinned the remarkable growth of the world’s economy in the last two centuries. Coal, natural gas and oil have industrialised the world and provided untold benefits in how we live. However, our reliance on fossil fuels threatens the world, and it is clear that our current course is completely unsustainable. We need a fundamental shift in what energy we rely on and we are leading that change at PhusionH2.

We have developed a disruptive energy technology that essentially produces zero-emission hydrogen on demand. Most importantly, this technology will be available at extremely low cost and available anywhere in the world. Our patented technology has the ability and potential to replace all fossil fuel energy sources with clean, green low cost hydrogen energy.


PhusionH2 hydrogen on demand. Reduce pollution, halt global warming and alleviate poverty. Movement button 1.

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Low cost hydrogen energy. Renewable energy. Stop global warming. Hydrogen on demand. Join the movement.



The problem

Current projections predict that oil and gas reserves will empty in around 50 years, whilst coal reserves are forecast to run out in around 100 years. This situation is clearly worrying, but it gets even worse. If we are to exploit these reserves until they are desolate, this would in all likelihood increase global average temperatures above the 2 degree Celsius limit as specified by the UN Paris agreement. However we look at it, the future looks bleak.

Indeed, even if fossil fuels were renewable, they have untold disadvantages. Extracting and transporting fossil fuels destroys nutrient rich land and pollutes our rivers and oceans. Air pollution and global warming have been on an upward trajectory since the mass use of fossil fuels. It is abundantly clear that change is needed and that we need to revolutionise the way we use energy.





We don't have a planet B





Low cost hydrogen energy. Alternative renewable energy. Hydrogen on demand. Green h2. Stop global warming.

The solution

The solution to this urgent problem is clear, we need cleaner, greener energy sources. There are a number of alternatives including wind and solar energy, but we believe in the potential of hydrogen energy. Hydrogen is an element that occurs naturally in our universe, and we need to tap into this readily available resource.

Hydrogen exists in almost every element on earth but is only available in sufficient quantities in water, natural gas and biomass. It does not exist as a separate form but is usually combined with other elements. To separate the hydrogen from its connected source, necessitates serious exertion, but by the end of it, a powerful and clean source of energy is available to use.




Our technology

At PhusionH2 we have developed the Catalytic Carbon-Hydrogen on Demand (CC-HOD) system to utilise this hydrogen power. Current methods of extraction for hydrogen are expensive and laborious, but our patented technology does not require the need for extensive infrastructure and can be applied in energy grids, generators and transport, amongst other things.

The system is circular in nature and so it is renewable, green and clean. The CC-HOD system is not a product but rather a technology that can be licensed and employed anywhere within the world. This arrangement will enable collaboration, competition and ensure that the best results are achieved. For more information about our low cost hydrogen energy system, please click the button below.

  The Technology  


Hydrogen on demand. Hydrogen storage. Disruptive energy technology. PhusionH2




The movement

Hydrogen is currently, rather expensive to extract. Hydrogen fuel cell developers have stated that the biggest difficulty is to increase production enough to create the economies of scale that will reduce costs. Of course, this requires demand – which requires infrastructure. Changing our mindset is key. Understanding that fossil fuels is not the answer is vital.

Using fossil fuels is ingrained in our behaviours, in our cultures and in our economies and this cannot continue. Drastic change is needed, and you can support that change by endorsing us in finding effective methods to extract the alternative energy of hydrogen for a cleaner, greener world.





Get involved

You can be a part of this movement by joining our list of supporters. We do not need your financial backing, but we do need your moral support, and it will cost you absolutely nothing to join us. You can address climate change by doing something really positive by just taking a stand with us, as we take on the vested interests of the fossil fuel companies.

Help us shape a better world with hydrogen, and commit to changing your reliance on fossil fuels. If you would like to join our movement and find out more about low cost hydrogen energy and the work we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


PhusionH2 hydrogen on demand. Reduce pollution, halt global warming and alleviate poverty. Movement button 2.


Alternative energy. Hydrogen storage. Alleviate poverty and climate change. Young people joining a movement.